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About Craps

Craps is something that is going to keep you excited about gambling.
Craps is all about dice, throwing the dice, getting the numbers you need, and winning big jackpots.
If you love to roll the dice, the online casinos that offer craps is just what you are looking for.

Online casinos offering craps are regulated by the fair gaming laws and regulations and the casinos that are listed on our site include only those casinos that are best in following the regulations of fair gaming laws so you get a fair turn in throwing the dice and in collecting huge jackpots.

When you are off line, there are strict guidelines in throwing the dice.
Online there are few chances of throwing the dice off the table so this isn’t such as bad thing.
The program, the software is going to give you the numbers you need as often as you would offline. The programs that control the game are programmed to randomly provide you with the numbers when you shoot. There are different ways to shoot online. Sometimes you simply press the button; sometimes you will use your mouse to control the throw of the dice. Online dice throwing is a little different because you don’t actually hold the dice physically, but all other aspects of the game are the same.

Online crap room action

Offline the craps table can put between fifteen to twenty people in play at one time. Online the action is a little different. There are craps rooms where you can play against just one person and other times you will find action going strong with many people playing at one time. You might not see what all the bets are and what is going on all at one time but you can’t really watch everything at one time offline either.

Come out – roll the dice, watch your lucky numbers pop out and you win!

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