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Craps The Game

The game of Craps is a very popular casino game. Playing Craps consist of two matched dice upon which the shooter attempts to roll a winning combination.

Each person in turn will be the shooter and will have a shot at rolling the dice. Craps has some of the best player odds in the house.

With the large number of betting options, special rules and exceptions you may feel like this game is too overwhelming, but it’s quite the opposite. Taking one step at a time is the motivation you need to grasp the rules and betting options. In no time at all you will be one of the pros.

When you are rolling the dice you are the shooter. Your first roll will be called the Come Out Roll. If a seven or eleven is rolled, the round is over and you win. If you roll a two, three, or twelve that is considered Craps and you lose.

The purpose for the Come Out Roll is to set the Point (if the point is rolled by the shooter again, the shooter and his fellow bettors win and the round is over, if the shooter rolls a seven, they lose and the round is over). If the neither the point or a seven is tossed the round continues and the dice keeps rolling.

Typically the simplest bet is called a Pass bet. It is placed on the Pass Line before the Come Out roll. You’re betting that you will roll the Point again before you roll a seven. Any Pass bets are betting for the shooter and the Don’t Pass line is basically betting that the shooter will roll a seven before making the Point (actually betting against the shooter is also known as the wrong bet).

The other players may also bet among themselves as to whether the shooter will win or lose, the numbers and/or the combinations that will appear in the next series of throws.

As you play the game of Craps you will catch on and it’ll be one of your favorites. Good Luck!!!

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