1 Craps US

The New Craps Game

Every craps game is centered on a shooter. A game will start with a new shooter. If you are the one who is shooting the dice across the table you are called the shooter.

Every person around the table rolls the dice.
Whoever is rolling the dice is the shooter.
If you don’t get the point, you can still bet on what is happening at the table.
The dice will go around the table in a clockwise manner, so that no one person is always the person who is in control of the dice. This may or not be true in the online craps games. Sometimes if you are the only player, you make your bet, roll the dice. If you don’t get your point you lose, if there is no one else in the craps game, you can then play again.

The craps table is the same on the left as it is on the right. What you can land on, what you can see, and where the dice is going to stop rolling.

When placing a bet online, you are going to be outside of the table. You will bet how much you want and on the numbers that you want. All bets have to be placed before a roll can start.

What are the bets that you can place?

You can place a bet you can bet on pass or don’t pass. This means if the shooter is going to get the point or not. Sometimes this is also referred to as come out or not.

There are also bets you can place on the odd and even numbers of the dice roll.

You can bet on just about anything when it comes to craps. If you are on a roll, that means you have been able to place bets and win at least two times in a row.

If you are the shooter and you roll a seven or an eleven you can roll again.

If you roll a two, three or twelve you lose.

Points are four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten. You win if the first roll is a natural (seven or eleven) and lose if it is craps (which again is the two, three or twelve). If a point is rolled ( the points are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) it must be repeated before the number seven combination is thrown in order to win. If seven is thrown before the point you lose the bet and the next shooter comes up.

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